Gas Mileage Myths and Facts

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You've probably heard and read all kinds of tips about how you can save gasoline. Unfortunately, some of these tips and tricks are actually quite useless. The Nissan service center staff at Hall Nissan Chesapeake can help you by offering gas saving tips that actually work and busting gas saving myths that don't. 

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Nissan Repair for Your Brakes

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It's never wise to put off a Nissan repair, and that's especially true when you suspect that there is a problem with your brakes. Keeping your braking system and all its parts working correctly keeps you safer on the road, so schedule an appointment at Hall Nissan Chesapeake if you think you're in need of repairs! 

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Electric Features of the 2023 Nissan Ariya

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The 2023 Nissan Ariya is an upcoming model that differs from the other SUVs in our lineup in one key way. It won't require an ounce of gasoline to run.

This all-new electric vehicle is perfect for any driver who wants to lower their carbon footprint. Here's what eco-conscious drivers need to know about this EV before it arrives at Hall Nissan Chesapeake. 

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Capabilities of Nissan Vans

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Nissan vans have a lot to offer to businesses of all kinds. Whether you're looking for a spacious cargo van or a customized solution for your field, the dealers at Hall Nissan Chesapeake are ready to help you find what you're searching for.  

Our Nissan cargo vans comprise the following models:

  • NV Cargo
  • NV Passenger
  • NV200
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Nissan Tire FAQ

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Because your Nissan tires play such an essential role in performance and safety, you need to know how to keep them in great shape. This guide answers some key questions about tire maintenance, repair, and more!

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