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Repairs are a normal part of vehicle ownership for drivers. Our Nissan repair specialists at Hall Nissan Chesapeake are well-versed in handling service and maintenance professionally.

It does help to get a sense of what car parts are most often in need of repair. Today, we take a look at which items your Nissan service department may be called upon to fix at some point during the ownership of your vehicle.


Since the engine is the component in your Nissan vehicle that makes it function, proper care is essential to peak performance and durability. The following are a few common issues that warrant engine repairs:
  • Worn-out spark plugs
  • Clogged radiator
  • Coolant loss
  • Poor compression
  • Faulty/broken oxygen sensor
  • Dirty oil
  • Poor lubrication


Sometimes, your transmission can require repairs, too. The most common transmission problems include:
  • Grinding or shaking sensation when shifting gears
  • Loss of engagement when the vehicle is in gear
  • Whining, humming, or clunking, even when in neutral
  • Low or leaking fluid
  • Slipping gears


Finally, the suspension can cause problems, too. Some of these include:
  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Bad shocks or struts
  • Damaged springs
  • Failing ball joints
  • Bad control arms

Nissan Service at Hall Nissan Chesapeake

We would all love for our vehicles to work perfectly all the time, but that simply isn’t how vehicle ownership works. When you do find yourself in need of Nissan service, however, call the service department here at Hall Nissan Chesapeake. We can get your car up and running at peak performance as soon as we can!
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