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Our sales associates at Hall Nissan Chesapeake try to make buying a new or used Nissan model incredibly easy. When it comes to negotiating a fair price, we understand that some of our customers in and around Chesapeake, VA harbor a bit of anxiety about this part of the process.

However, thanks to True Market Pricing (TMP), it’s never been easier and more stress-free to buy a Nissan car, truck, or SUV. 

What Does True Market Pricing Mean? 

The short answer is that TMP helps give buyers peace of mind that they’re paying a fair and “true” price for an automobile. Unlike most of our competitors, Hall Nissan Chesapeake makes sure all our pre-owned Nissan vehicles are inclusive of the following fees: 

  • Virginia State Inspection 
  • Freight/Destination Charges 
  • Reconditioning 
  • Certification  

What this means is that there are no hidden fees in the price we list for our pre-owned Nissan vehicles. Every used car costs exactly what you see listed on the website, which means there are no surprises on the back-end of the purchase. 

Buy a Pre-Owned Nissan Today

The more information you’ve got before heading into a vehicle purchase, the less stressful the experience will be. We offer an auto loan calculator that lets you know approximately how much you’ll be able to pay according to your personal finances. 

True Market Pricing gives you a sense of what a fair price would be for the vehicle you’re interested in buying, so it’s easier to budget and avoid any sticker shock at the tail-end of the purchase contract. 

The bottom line is that we’ll work with you to find the best vehicle for you, and TMP is a great policy to help ensure you make the smartest purchase decision possible. 

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