How to Get an Auto Loan Through Hall Nissan Chesapeake

Here at Hall Nissan Chesapeake, we want to make the car-buying experience is as easy for our customers as possible, which means including financing among the services we provide in-house to make our facility a one-stop shop for new or certified pre-owned Nissan automobiles.

That said, financing can feel like a foreign language, especially to buyers who have never undertaken the process. To remedy that, here's a quick look at how to finance a vehicle through your dealership:

1. Check your credit score. The way to get a sense of what types of loans you may be approved for is to request a credit report (which you often can do online for free). The higher your score, the better a chance there is you will get the best interest rates on a loan.

2. Get preapproval. While you are welcome to do this through your bank, Hall Nissan Chesapeake will work with several local and federal institutions to find you the best possible borrowing terms for your credit score.

3. Pick a vehicle. Peruse our stable of used and new Nissan models in search of one that fits your personal needs and your budget. Now that you know what you have been approved to spend, you can find something that works into your budget.

4. Choose your terms. You can select loans that last anywhere from just a couple of years, which would have higher monthly payments, or even much longer to lower the monthly cost of the vehicle.

Once you have done all that, all you have left to do is take home your gorgeous new vehicle and make reliable payments on it each month when the bill comes due!

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