Technology Abounds in Nissan Automobiles

One of the things that really sets apart Nissan automobiles from other vehicles in the industry is the automaker's devotion to developing some of the most innovative, practical, and safe technologies possible for their vehicles. Here at Hall Nissan Chesapeake, we sell all sorts of vehicles that boast some truly fantastic bits of Nissan technology, and the following are some of the most notable:
  • ProPilot – This technology significantly reduces driver stress when driving on highways in all sorts of different driving conditions, which makes long drives more comfortable.
  • Blind Spot Warning – This warns drivers before they change lanes if something is in their blind spot that could cause an accident.
  • Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication – There are a surprising number of accidents that occur simply because the driver has pressed the wrong pedal, and this bit of technology helps to avoid those types of incidents from happening.
  • Lane Departure Warning – This serves as an alert for drivers who may be drifting out of their lane, either because of exhaustion or distraction.
  • Intelligent Park Assist – Parking can be challenging, especially parallel parking or reversing into a spot, and Intelligent Park Assist can help people make it into any spot with ease.
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking – Many Nissan models can detect when an accident is about to occur and can direct the vehicle to minimize the damage. Even better, it can stop short before an accident occurs should human error cause a late response.
If you would like to see any of these technologies in person, come pay us a visit here at Hall Nissan Chesapeake any time. We are an easy drive from Portsmouth, VA, and it's a drive that could be worth it if it keeps your family safe!

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