What to Do at the End of a Lease

Leasing is a terrific option for a number of Hall Nissan Chesapeake customers in search of a great deal on top-rate cars, in large part because the monthly payments tend to be so much lower than those of a straight-up purchase. However, those lower prices come with a few caveats that do not necessarily cost owners anything extra, but do require a little bit of special attention toward the end of the lease.

The following are a few things to stay apprised of as your lease comes to its end:

1. Be aware of your mileage – When agreeing to a lease, you also are agreeing to drive within a certain limit of miles during the extent of your contract, so as you come upon the last three months or so of that lease, check your mileage to make sure you will be okay. If things are looking tight, consider skimping on miles with that vehicle to avoid overage fees.

2. Get an early inspection – Another potential cost can come in the form of wear-and-tear on your leased Nissan cars, and an early inspection can give you a sense of what some of those expenses may be. In fact, an early inspection may allow you to save some money by taking care of a few minor repairs yourself, and it also can indicate what is not worth your money to fix.

3. Consider buying the vehicle – If the expenses are going to be too pricy, or you're considerably over on your miles, it may be financially smarter to just buy the vehicle outright at the end of the lease.

If you have any questions about any of these items as your Nissan lease winds down, reach out to your Nissan dealer here in Chesapeake, VA any time, and we will be happy to make sure your turn-in goes as smoothly as possible!

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